A Wild Time at a Wild Kratts Party

This weekend I threw my children their first theme party.  It seems crazy to me that they are 6 and 3!  How is it possible that my kids have gotten so big!! BUT they have.  They are awesome little boys who have spunky personalities and they LOVE animals!  Slithery, furry, feathery, you name it – they will run to it and tell you all sorts of facts about that animal.

Being that they love animals it isn’t a surprise that they love The Wild Kratts on PBS too!  So, I set out to throw them a Wild Kratts theme party complete with a new story from LIVE Wild Kratts performers!SONY DSC

Storybook Entertainment provides live stage shows as a package for parties and this is our newest one!  Chris and Martin head to the Amazon to save anacondas from becoming Donita’s latest victims.  She plots to capture the snakes and make them into handbags for her fashion empire!


All our shows are interactive.  During this show, each child is given a snake toy and when they hear the word “Anaconda” they have to slither their snake back and forth!


After the show, Jungle Jill’s Animal Encounters came to show some awesome LIVE animals to the kids!  If you are ever looking for animal show in AZ, talk to Jill!  She is a pleasure to work with and is wildly entertaining!

Jungle Jill and her Macaw
Legless Lizard
Milk Snake (with hot pink nail polish)
Milk Snake (with hot pink nail polish)
Kids Watch Jungle Jill enthralled!
Kids Watch Jungle Jill enthralled!

I also had a lot of fun with simple but themed decorations.  From Happy Birthday bunting to a simple food table, decorations were bright and fun!



No party would be complete without cake and a final picture with the Wild Kratts cast (and some snakes too!).  Happy Birthday D and A!

cakeswith the kratts

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