Backyard Beach Bash


It is officially hot here in Arizona.  Many people get out of town for the summer but the rest of us mere mortals stay here and suffer through the Valley of the Sun (may be the Surface of the Sun!)  And now that school is out, I am much more lenient about bedtimes, meal time, screen time, basically…time.  I also host lots of get togethers both on the weekends with multiple families and during the week with smaller groups.  I love to entertain!  So, here are some of my finds for our upcoming Backyard Beach Bash.  No reason for the party, just a party!

I don’t want to have to run to the front door each time the doorbell rings so here is a simple way to let guests know that they can come on in!

Welcome Ring Wreath

I am pretty flexible about guests being inside and out and usually keep food inside (especially in this heat) but I like these cute sand buckets with kid snacks (staying with the theme you could serve SunChips and Goldfish).

food service
Fun Food Service

And of course hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, salad but how about these cute Nutter Butter Flip Flops, Beach Ball Fruit tart, or S’mores Station for dessert.  Stray from the norm of popsicles!

beach ball fruit tart
Beach Ball Fruit Tart

I adore this beach ball arch.  For the handy and crafty host, this arch would be simple with some PVC pipe and hot glue or sturdy tape!

Beach Ball Balloon Entrance

I enjoy the pool and like to relax so I always hire a life guard (let me know if you are local and need some names)!  But if you are hosting and don’t have a pool or don’t want that stress, here are some backyard beach party activities.

Non-pool activities








Lastly, the dollar store can be your best friend for decor and favors.  Each of these favors would run no more than $5 a piece and could be used over and over again throughout the summer.  What can be better that a re-usable favor??  Well…maybe add some yummy Lifesavers or sweet Swedish Fish for an extra big smile when the tired kiddos head home!

Have a Great Summer Backyard Beach Bash!




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